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Welcome to South Africa's specialist for letterboxes and matching accessories. Here you will find a large assortment of letterboxes from renowned brand manufacturers. Stainless steel mailboxes, stand letterboxes, mailboxes and much more - at surprisingly reasonable prices.

Professional advice on the purchase of mailboxes and fast delivery within South Africa are a priority at mailboxshop24!

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High-quality letterboxes for your home

Welcome to South Africa's best quality letterboxes and mailbox stands. We've got a great selection of letterboxes for homeowners, for schools, and for businesses.

Our mailboxes are available in Anthracite, White, Green, Red, Black, Brown, Silver and Grey colour. Our mailboxes have a large or small capacity, front or top loading, or dual access. In addition, our unique design allows space for mail, as embellish the entrance area. At mailboxshop24 you will find letterboxes with newspaper holder and mailbox accessories for your convenience.


The Mailbox

What exactly makes a good mailbox?

A mailbox is used for the safe storage of correspondence. There is a difference between postal mailboxes, which serve for the sending of mail, and house mailboxes privately owned. At Mailboxshop 24 you will find a large selection of house mailboxes for the reception of your private mail. Remember: It is the responsibility of the homeowner to set up a freely accessible mailbox with a letter and storage compartment. There are quite a few things to consider when buying a mailbox.mailbox

Types of Letterboxes

A house mailbox or private mailbox is the one installed at or in the house, which is intended to make it easier for the postal worker to deliver letters, postcards or other mailings to the recipient. In this case, the mailbox can be mounted on the house wall, placed on the fence or on a mailbox stand on the front of the property, or even an insertion slot in the front door. Often, private mailboxes are also allowed on the exterior wall or for multi-party houses on the house floor.

This should be noted before you buy a mailbox

- The mailbox should be made of a weatherproof material
- In particular, locks and hinges should be made from corrosion-resistant material
- The letter slot should open in the case of weather-protected letterboxes
- Outside, a flap protects against rain and moisture
- The name should be clearly visible on the mailbox
- Anyone who frequently receives packages and larger shipments should consider buying a parcel box
- Suitable for newspaper subscribers newspaper holders or letterboxes with newspaper compartment

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