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Mailbox Stands

We also have stainless steel mailbox stands for multi-family houses and commercial buildings.Our Mailbox stands are suitable for all mailboxes. Every mailbox has drilled holes at the back and is supplied with an anchoring kit, and a mailbox stand if you need one.

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Letterbox stands

A mailbox does not have to be mounted necessarily on the house or on the house door. Maybe the house is a few meters away from the garden fence and you do not want the postman to enter your property. Or you want to save him a long way and facilitate the delivery of mail with a mailbox, which is right next to the fence or on a freestanding letterbox stand, which brings us to the topic.

Suitable install sites

For example, we recommend installing next to the

  • gates
  • along the garden path
  • next to the garage.

This way, the postman can easily reach the mailbox and deliver the mail reliably.

The letterbox stands are adjustable in height, so you can decide at which height your mailbox should be mounted. Mailbox stands can be dowelled or walled. When anchored, they get a particularly strong grip and defy wind and weather.

Using the letterbox stand

Placing next to the garden fence or simply standing next to the house - these are the set-up options. The mailbox or the parcel box can be easily mounted on the bracket attached to the mailbox stand. The installation is possible on all flat surfaces.

What kind of letterbox stands can you find here?

Letterbox stands in different sizes are available for

  • Letterboxes
  • Parcel boxes
  • Letterbox systems

Please visit our dedicated pages for parcel post boxes and letterbox systems

Mailboxshop24 offers letterbox stands:

  • Stainless steel or
  • Steel

The stands are available in the colours grey/ silver and black, so they integrate optimally into the landscape.

Worth knowing about mounting/anchoring

The anchorage of the stand is recommended. This is done by hammering or concreting into the ground. So the mailbox stand gets a secure hold and is not perilous. The right mounting material is included.

Mailbox stands manufacturers

  • Rottner

We also offer these types of mailboxes:

  • Mailboxes with newspaper holder
  • Mailboxes without a newspaper holder li>
  • Designer mailbox
  • Parcel boxes
  • Mailbox stands
  • Newspaper holders
  • Apartment mailboxes

With a high-quality mailbox stand, you make the right choice if you opt for a free-standing mailbox!

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